What Parents and New Beyblade Players Need To Know About the Best Family Toy Game

What Parents and New Beyblade Players Need To Know About the Best Family Toy Game

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What Parents and New Beyblade Players Need To Know About the Best Family Toy Game from Takara Tomy and Hasbro.

Whether you’re a parent, teen, college student, gamer, or adult toy collector, Beyblade offers something for everyone! I mean, where else can you find a toy AND game with a fantastic anime and manga history that’s spanned decades? Beyblade is the best family toy game for friends and everyone alike!

Beyblade is major fun for family game nights and is easy to play right away!

To start, players need: 
2 complete Beyblades
2 Beyblade Launchers
1 Battle Stadium


beyblade takara tomy burst ultimate dynamite battle toy tops



For those interested in some of Beyblade's history, here’s a quick breakdown:
The first Beyblade (spinning top) toy was released in July 1999 for ages 8+.
The first Beyblade manga was published in September 1999 and written by Takao Aoki.
The first Beyblade anime started in January 2001.


You might be asking, “Okay, so what makes Beyblade so fun and appealing?


That’s easy to answer. It's exciting and fun to watch the Beyblades attack each other and spin around until they either stop, get knocked out of the arena, or burst into pieces!


You can also watch the family-friendly anime show and read the manga, then enjoy using the Beyblades of your favorite characters. And even if you don't watch the anime, it’s still a toy battling game similar to a sport. And Beyblades are great toys to collect and customize.


The Beyblades themselves look fantastic with colorful and thematic designs. When you’re not playing with them, they look great on display or in a collection of toys. And each series of Beyblade has multiple interchangeable parts that allow players to customize their own combinations and express their style. If you know anything about modifying cars, it’s a similar concept. Because once you put together your Beyblades, you can battle them against other players or “bladers” for fun or in a competitive tournament.


Since its humble beginnings, Beyblade has become even MORE successful AND popular.


In America, they’re distributed by Hasbro all over major chains like Target and Walmart. In the beginning, Hasbro produced identical Beyblades to the Takara Tomy Japanese Beyblades. But in the past years, Hasbro toys have made cheaper versions of the original Takara Tomy Japanese Beyblades that lack the quality and features of their Japanese counterparts.


beyblade hasbro burst quad drive toy tops


For parents and players who want to give Beyblade a try for the first time, there’s nothing wrong with buying a few Hasbro beys to try the game out. Plus, they can be found cheaper on average. We recommend staying within the Speedstorm and Hypershpere series of Beys. Those two series have the best selection of Hasbro Beyblades and stadiums to play with. Just remember to read all safety instructions carefully!


But wait- don’t stop there- that’s only the beginning of the fun!


Buying The Best Beyblades From Takara Tomy Japan 


takara tomy beyblade makoto muraki and akira horikawa

(Image Source: takaratomy.co.jp)



The original Japanese Takara Tomy Beyblades are really where it’s at. And making the jump from Hasbro to Takara Tomy is as easy as a few clicks on your mouse.


That’s why Beyblade Premier exclusively stocks 100% authentic Takara Tomy Beyblades and ships them faster than anyone else! Best of all- Beyblade Premier offers the lowest prices AND free shipping!


For what you pay for, you get unlimited hours of entertainment. There’s also a technical savviness to assembling custom combos and launching your Beys into battle.


We hope this is the beginning for you, your family, and your friends’ journey in the world of Beyblade. And if it is, you’ve come to the right place. Beyblade Premier is here not only to help get you the latest and greatest Takara Tomy Beyblades, but we also support the community with events, merchandise, swag, and anime tournaments! 


Beyblade is a great hobby AND investment because it engages the imagination, allows for the expression of personality, and also encourages good sportsmanship. And it's straight-up FUN!



So make sure to check this blog regularly and follow us on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram for all the action! Head on over to our shop to buy your All-in-One Starter Set that comes with everything you need and 2 powerful rare Beyblades at a fantastic value!


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