Beyblade is Perfect For Family Game Nights!

Beyblade is Perfect For Family Game Nights!

, by Dee Blader, 3 min reading time

When it comes to having fun on family game night, Beyblade is the perfect addition to your collection of tabletop board games and card games. 


It's a dexterity game where you launch spinning tops that battle it out until a Beyblade either bursts apart, gets knocked out of the stadium, or stops spinning. The winner is the surviving Beyblade or the last one to stop spinning.


Playing Beyblade involves contained physical activity that gets your kids tired without them running around the house! Just be sure to follow all safety precautions in the Beyblade toy's instruction manual (like not leaning in close to the Beyblades while they're battling). 


Think of it as an in-between game that helps enhance your family's fun! Beyblade is your best choice after and before long board games. You and your family will quickly realize how fast and fun the games are. Best of all, you can play as long as you want, so you'll be able to control the time and schedule of your family game night.


Getting out all the pieces and putting them away is fast and easy; no need to set up or clean up lots of small pieces. The only thing to take into consideration is the size of a Beyblade stadium. There's no box to put everything away into, but the Stadium is equivalent to the size of a board game box and you can put plenty of Beyblade toys and launchers into it.


There's also a fun cartoon anime from Japan that's dubbed in English for American audiences. It currently finished it's final season, but there are many past seasons from previous Beyblade toylines. We also have an article that covers Beyblade's history and more details for parents should know.


Buying Beyblade For Family Game Nights


If you're a family that's totally new to Beyblade for game nights, then you should start with the Hasbro Beyblades from America that are cheaper versions of the original Japanese Beyblades made by Takara Tomy. The Takara Tomy Beyblades are closer in looks and gimmicks to the anime.


There are different series of Beyblade, but the most popular and current is the Burst Series. This is the series where the Beyblades are a combination of metal and plastic, and can break apart during battle. In the Burst series, there are different seasons that match the anime with themed gimmicks and abilities. 


For Hasbro, starting with Hypersphere is the best choice since this older season is cheaper and has a special type of driver part that's fast and action packed. Speedstorm is another good choice. Hasbro also makes the most variety of stadiums with unique features.


You can pick up a Hasbro Battle Set from most US retailers between $25 to $35 and that gets you a stadium, 2 launchers, and 2 complete Beyblades. Depending on the size of your family, you can buy additional Beyblades for each family member for $10 to $15 (that each come with a launcher). 


When you and/or your kids start really getting into Beyblade, you'll want to spend a little more to get the most action-packed Beys from Japan that offer the most tricks, gimmicks, and fun! This upgrade is where it's at! 


These Beyblades offer more strategy and personal expression when building custom combos.  And if you're near Florida, you can always visit our frequent tournaments and events based on the Takara Tomy anime and manga!


You can pick up an authentic Takara Tomy All-In-One Set from us and get with with Free Shipping, so check it out now!


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