Top 3 Most Underrated Drivers In Beyblade Burst Competitive Play

Top 3 Most Underrated Drivers In Beyblade Burst Competitive Play

, by Dee Blader, 4 min reading time

In the competitive world of Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst, there is always a meta formed around the format you play. There’s the WBBA, the WBO, and custom-rules events held by tournament organizers. We’re going to look at the top 3 most underrated drivers that need to see more play in your combos and 5G or 3G teams.


Even if you play for fun with your friends and family, you’ll want to create powerful combos with your favorite Beyblades. This info will help you use these three drivers if they’re in your collection or inspire you to add them to your collection ASAP.



#3 Quick’


Depending on the stadium you play with, rubber drivers are hit or miss. During the earlier series of Beyblade Burst up to the GT Series, rubber drivers were a go-to choice for attack type Beyblades. They provide quick movement and aggressive movement patterns in order to KO the opposing Bey. This tradeoff comes with a significant decrease to a rubber driver’s stamina. Since rubber material naturally provides plenty of friction, rubber drivers lose rotation the fastest and stop rotating early.

Quick’ has a slightly longer rubber tip that’s also narrower when compared to the other popular rubber drivers like Xtreme, Hunter, Variable, and Evolution. This translates to a two-pronged attack in the Standard Stadium. The traditional strategy that Bladers use is bank-launching Beys at angle towards the outer edge of the stadium. This generally makes rubber drivers move in circular flower-patterns that attack stamina-type Beyblades in the center of the stadium and eventually knockout opposing Beyblades.


When bank launched, Quick’ can move this way, but it mostly moves in right rings around the center of the Standard Stadium. After a few rotations, it shifts into a flower-pattern. This two stage attack is more versatile for matchups against a variety of opposing Beyblade combinations. 


Quick' also has a stronger spring that helps with burst resistance. This makes Quick’ the best choice for a combination that wants to go all-in with a few rapid attacks that have a good chance of KO’ing opposing Beys. Experiment with Quick’ on Ultimate Valkyrie, Xiphoid Xcalibur, and Guilty Longinus combinations.


#2 Mobius


Mobius might have seen more use towards the end of Superking and the beginning of Dynamite Battle before becoming forgotten. It’s actually one of the best stamina-type drivers that you can use for left-spin Beys.

In order to properly use it, you’ll want to combine it with energy layers that are less-wide and do best when making contact from slightly above the opposing bey with a flat edge. This is because Mobius is taller than average and has a flat plate that helps prevent your Beyblade from tilting over.


In opposite spin matches, the flat plate keeps most Beys spinning until the end without falling over. For this reason, you’ll want to try it with dual-spin layers like Astral and Zest, and with left-spin layers like Vanish and Roar.


#1 Wave’


Wave’ is surprisingly powerful when used in the right combinations. It's finding success when used in the Standard Stadium as a stamina-type driver. But it actually excels as an all-around balance-type driver in the DB stadium. This is because it has decent weight, extra centrifugal force, and a wide tip. It also features the stronger dash spring that helps prevent bursts.

With these features in mind, try using Wave’ with Ultimate, Chain, Gatling, Savior, or Xiphoid. Your Beyblades will be able to make strong attacks, have good weight, and maintain above average stamina and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with your victories.


In conclusion, all of these drivers are a must-have for your Beyblade collection. Not only do they each have special qualities, they’re powerful and useful once you find the right combination for each of them in your 5G and 3G team or WBO deck.


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