Best B-180 Dynamite Meta Combos for Dynamite Battle & Burst Ultimate Beyblade

Best B-180 Dynamite Meta Combos for Dynamite Battle & Burst Ultimate Beyblade

, by Dee Blader, 3 min reading time

If you're battling your Beys on the Dynamite Battle Standard Stadium, this guide will help you build the best combos for your 5G and 3G teams! Let's GO!


In this first part, we'll look at building the best combo with the B-180 Dynamite energy layer.


B-180 Dynamite - Stamina King





The first release of the Dynamite Battle anime and toyline, the B-180 Dynamite Bel Beyblade didn't seem all too great in the beginning. However, with additional gears, this layer started to truly shine.


The best gear to get for this energy layer is without a doubt the F-gear from B-185 Vanish Fafnir. This added rubber contact points that help with spin steal and defense by absorbing attacks from the three points.


Choosing Your Core


When it comes to cores, you can get creative and choose whichever right-spin core you want to go with the style of Dynamite layer you choose. There are plenty of recolors for the Dynamite energy layer, so pick your favorite right-spin core! One thing to note, this combo can also benefit from the Dragon core and Knight core because those add extra defense and shock absorbtion. If you want to increase weight and tanky defense, Perseus is the heaviest core. 


Choosing Your Armor


The next part you want to add to this combo is the armor. The secret to this layer is using armor-3 since it has 3 points that can be lined up in-between the 3 wings of the dynamite layer. Attaching it this way ensures that the weight is evenly distributed for maximum centrifugal force. If you need another option, you can go with any of the even armors like 0, 10, or 6.


Choosing Your Forge Disc


After that, you'll need a forge disc. An obvious choice is Over due to its weight and perfectly round shape. This disc adds tanky defense with increased weight but can slightly hinder your stamina. And it keeps the weight centered perfectly in between the small layer and driver.


Another choice I like is Karma since its lightweight increases stamina potential. Instead of being tanky, Karma also allows this combo to tilt with the least amount of scraping. A good third option is Giga since it's a balance between Over and Karma with increased weight, less chance to scrape, and the ability to tilt.



Choosing Your Driver


For the final part of this combo, you'll need to choose the driver. If you're going pure stamina, the best options are High Xtend+' and Bearing'. Another secret is that you can also use the regular Bearing if you want another Bearing and Bearing' in your set. Just be aware, Bearing is a bit more prone to bursting, so you'll want to use a core to help prevent that. Dragon, Perseus, and Kerbeus will work.


Another unique route you can go is building this combo to be a balance type. If you combine the Perseus core with the Over forge disc and the Adventure Driver with the V-Gear, you'll have a great combo. This Bey will have tanky defense, can make strong attacks, and can survive stamina battles with a draw or final spin finish.


The Best DB/BU B-180 Dynamite Bel Meta Combo


In conclusion, when building this combo, you'll make you decisions based on how you want to arrange your entire set of Beys. Remember, when putting together a 5G or 3G set, there can be no repeated parts whatsoever. 


This is a great first combo to build for new players and a solid choice for a competitive set. Also, make sure to build this combo and test your other combos against it.


You can buy all of these parts from us and get the fastest free shipping. You'll also earn Beybucks to use for more Beys! If you haven't already, you can read about why you need the Dynamite Battle Standard Stadium and why should be playing on it!


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