How to Get the Entire Collection of Valkyrie Beyblades

How to Get the Entire Collection of Valkyrie Beyblades

, by Dee Blader, 5 min reading time

With the release of the B-193 Ultimate Valkyrie Beyblade, Takara Tomy has hinted at the fact that this will be the very last release of a Valkyrie Beyblade. This most likely ties in to the Beyblade Burst manga + anime that has recently ended its run. It could be a clue that the 4th generation of Beyblade will be based on brand new characters with a whole different story.





But Valt Aoi and his trusty Valkyrie Beyblade will forever be a fan-favorite. Valkyrie has always carried the weight of being the primary right-spin attack-type Beyblade. And in more recent incarnations, it has become powerful when building it around stationary attacking and becoming more of a balance-type.




If you're a fan of Valt Aoi and his Valkyrie Beyblade, here's the entire evolution of Valkyrie and the current market price (as of September 2022) to get them all!



B-01 2015 Valkyrie

This is the first Valkyrie that started it all. Becoming rarer by the day, this Bey is nearly impossible to find brand new. Aftermarket used street prices start at $50. Sometimes these pop-up on auction sites in slightly damaged packaging from Japan and start at $100, and cost more depending on how new the package condition is.



B-34 Victory Valkyrie

The second Valkyrie is still available brand new in limited quantities. You'll have to do some research and make sure the merchant is trusted and sells authentic Beyblades only. The average merchant price is $45.



B-96 Strike Valkyrie 

This Bey was shown in the anime, but the original blue anime color version was never released as a toy. Instead, the black recolor was the only toy version made with street prices average $99 and up. It's possible to find legit dealers that sell the B-96 Mugen Beystadium DX Set with the black recolor version starting at $340. 



B-104 Winning Valkyrie

Winning Valkyrie is the first Valkyrie to to feature metal on the blades. It's fast and packs a punch. This Bey is still readily available and is a must-have for any collection. The average merchant price for this Bey is $15.



B-127 Cho-Z Vakyrie  $21.99

Cho-Z Valkyrie is a return to a full plastic layer, but it features wings that pop out for an extra attack and burst stoppers. This Bey is still a great choice for building your 5G or 3G team if you're playing in a limited format such as GT + Cho-Z. Hasbro also released a Pro Series version is nearly identical to the Takara Tomy version. To get the Japanese version, you can purchase it from us.



B-134 Slash Valkyrie   $19.99

Slash Valkyrie added air vents to the wings when it was adapted to fit the GT series. It lost its Cho-Z wings and burst stopper, so it unfortunately fell behind the other GT Beys in power level. However, it's still a great looking Valkyrie Beyblade that might some untapped potential. You can also pick this up through our online store.


B-163 Brave Valkyrie  $19.99

Brave Valkyrie upped the power level by filling in the gaps of the Slash layer with hard rubber and a larger energy layer. The added forged disc chassis has 3 red rubber blades that help it with attack power.  This Bey is still readily available and its parts work great when playing with Superking limited Beys. We still have a few of these in stock, but they're going fast.



B-187 Savior Valkyrie  $21.99

Savior Valkyrie is arguably the most powerful layer because it continues using the hard rubber from Brave and it extends the three attack wings out with a more pronounced angle. Even when compared the last evolution of Ultimate Valkyrie, Savior can attack with the most power. The Shot driver features an exciting jump gimmick from the anime, but it doesn't match the new core's gimmick, which is a spring bound attack. The core has the least clicks of any core so it's more prone to bursting. The Shot driver can work well with a few very specific combos. If you switch the core, you can make a powerful attack combo with this layer and the right driver. Grab one these and get a bunch of great parts to customize with.



B-193 Ultimate Valkyrie $23.99


This might very well be the final Valkyrie Beyblade ever released. For that fact alone, this is a must-have for your collection. The complete combo takes a feature from every Valkyrie evolution before it. This is a right spin attack type that is capable of using the rubber on its blades for great effect. The DB/BU series is not yet complete, so the best combination for this energy layer are yet to be discovered. Pick this up from our online shop today!



Buying each of these Beys will get you the entire set of all evolutions of Valkyrie in its original colors.

There are also many different chase versions with recolors including limited edition WBBA releases. Most of those versions are very rare and some are extremely expensive. If you'd like us to cover them in a future article let us know in the comments below! In the meantime, make sure to get as many of your authentic Takara Tomy Valkyrie Beyblades from us ASAP!


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