Beyblade Premier Sponsors Melanated Homeschool

Beyblade Premier Sponsors Melanated Homeschool

, by Dee Blader, 1 min reading time

Beyblade Premier Sponsors Melanated Homeschool


October 22, 2022


Beyblade Premier is now an official non-profit donor with our first-ever sponsorship and partnership. Our team started a Beyblade program for The Melanated Homeschool Cooperative in Tampa Bay, FL that will benefit their participating students. 


Started by a small enthusiastic group of parents, The Melanated Homeschool Cooperative (MHC) was founded to provide a safe and healthy environment for homeschooled children of color. In celebration of its first inaugural year, MHC has decided to open its doors to people who want to help support their cause. Over 40 families and 65 students meet twice per week and hold monthly special events.


It brings joy to everyone who's a part of Beyblade Premier knowing that our contributions will make a difference in the lives of the homeschool parents who seek community and the students who need a welcoming environment. 


Our first gathering is set for November 4th in Tampa, FL, from 12:00-1:30 PM EST. We are also looking for additional volunteers, so don't hesitate to contact us, especially if you're an experienced Beyblade player. 


This means a lot to us and reinforces Beyblade Premier's commitment to the community. Our founder, Conce, started this business because players needed access to affordable authentic Takara Tomy Beyblades. Bladers in Florida also needed a place for parents and first-time players to participate in tournaments. Conce understands the struggle of overpaying for items + EXCESSIVE SHIPPING for big orders. It fills his heart to know that BeybladePremier is an entity that can lift others up through our team's efforts. 


Thank you everyone for helping make this all possible. We gratefully appreciate your ongoing support. 


We; (JayAshindra, Julian, Clayi, all warehouse workers, and myself) appreciate each and every one of you. 


Thank you.






  • It is nice to see a company who cares about their local community. I live in upstate NY where no origination or business wants to be apart of anything homeschool these days. It’s nice to see people that really care.



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