Beware of HARMFUL BeyBlade FAKES!

  • Nov 25, 2022
  • By Dee Blader
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This holiday season, plenty of kids will be wanting battling top toys, while parents will be trying to buy the best presents possible. This means that a lot of unfortunate kids and parents will end up playing with fake and counterfeit Beyblades. Parents will also think that they are saving money and getting a good deal with these "harmless" toys, but these cheap ripoffs are actually HARMFUL. How do you avoid these scam toys? Read on and find out!


Why are Fake and Counterfeit Beyblades Dangerous?


fake battling tops beyblade 



Fake ripoff Beyblades, also known as "Battling Tops" are dangerous because they all contain lead. Numerous independent tests performed by safety blogs, moms, dads, players, and consumer agencies have found high amounts of lead in these fake battling tops. Also, these tops and their launchers can break very easily exposing sharp parts and small pieces of toxic materials that can lead to more hazards. 


Bottom line: only buy authentic Beyblades!


Spotting Beyblade Fakes and Toxic Toys


To make it as easy as possible, steer clear of any battling tops product that does NOT have the OFFICIAL Hasbro or Takara Tomy logos and packaging. Another easy sign to recognize is that many fake battling tops are sold for extremely cheap in bundles that are too good to be true. 

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2 Comment


Fakes are a HUGH problem for a lot of new Bladers. Unfortunately, most people will try to justify price point, which does make some sense. However, when the cheaper price means potential for lead poisoning, then I’d personally rather spend a little more for the health and safety of me and my loved ones! Do your research people1 Shop smart, stay safe, and have fun!

By Aerea Conrad

Nov 29, 2022


I see a lot of fakes on Amazon all the time. I hope parents will really be smart and buy authentic Hasbro and Takara-Tomy tops.

By Matthew Townsend-Farr

Nov 27, 2022

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