Best B-202 Wind Knight Meta Combos for Dynamite Battle & Burst Ultimate

Best B-202 Wind Knight Meta Combos for Dynamite Battle & Burst Ultimate

, by Dee Blader, 3 min reading time

When you're battling your Beys on the Dynamite Battle Standard Stadium, this guide will help you build the best combos for your 5G and 3G teams! Let's GO!


In this second part, we'll look at building the best combo with the B-202 Wind energy layer.


B-202 Wind - Right Spin Defense Stamina Master





This is a must-have competitive release that you can pick up in either Wind Knight Blue or Wind Kerbeus Red from Random Booster B-202.  


Wind Layer

The Wind layer is an amazing layer that lets you switch between upforce and downforce mode based on how you twist the layer. Generally, using high mode + upforce will help guarantee the most amount of stamina control, but you can also switch to low mode + downforce if the opposing combo is somehow managing to get under your Wind combo and knock it over. Being completely smooth, it's excellent at deflecting attacks from any spin type and will also minimize spin steal effects from left-spin combos.


Choosing Your Core

There are plenty of right-spin cores you can choose based on your preference of style-- but two standouts are Dragon and Perseus. If you want your combo to have a slight bit of damage absorption, then this is the perfect core to pair with a dash driver. Perseus is a good choice if you want a slightly heavier and tankier build. You can also use Kerbeus if you want to use a non-dash or metal driver for extra burst protection.


Choosing Your Armor


Just like the Dynamite layer, the secret to this layer is using armor-3 since it has 3 points that can be lined up in-between the 3 air vents of the Wind layer. Attaching it this way ensures that the weight is evenly distributed for maximum centrifugal force. If you need to use a different armor for your 5G or 3G team, then you can also use an even armor like 0, 4, or 6.


Choosing Your Forge Disc


Illegal and Over best choices for this combo since both have tanky weight and are wide + perfectly even to increase centrifugal force to enhance stamina.


Choosing Your Driver


Since this combo is the best combination of defense and stamina, the best options are Zone' + Z, High Xtend+' and Bearing'. It seems that many Japanese players tend to remove the Z chip when using Zone' against other right-spin combos, but that doesn't seem necessary. You can test your matchups and learn what suits your combo best. High Xtend+' is great to finely tune your Bey's height against your opponent. Bearing' is all-around the safest and easiest choice to use.


The Best DB/BU B-202 Wind Knight Meta Combo


In conclusion, when building this combo, you'll make you decisions based on how you want to arrange your entire set of Beys. Remember, when putting together a 5G or 3G set, there can be no repeated parts whatsoever. 


This is powerful and consistent combo to build a solid choice for a competitive team. Also, make sure to build this combo and test your other combos against it. Stay Blading!


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