Best B-185 Combos for Vanish Fafnir Dynamite Battle & Burst Ultimate

Best B-185 Combos for Vanish Fafnir Dynamite Battle & Burst Ultimate

, by Dee Blader, 4 min reading time

When you're battling your Beys on the Dynamite Battle Standard Stadium, this guide will help you build the best combos for your 5G and 3G teams! Let's GO! In this third part, we'll look at building the best combo with the B-185 Vanish Fafnir energy layer. One of the earliest releases in the DB series, many players seem to have forgotten the advantage of this awesome layer, so let's take a look!

This is a must-have competitive release that you can pick up in the B-185 Vanish Fafnir booster.

B-185 Vanish - Left Spin Stealing Magician


The Vanish Layer


What makes this layer so special is the fact that it's the first ALL RUBBER layer, with three plastic pieces representing Fafnir's heads. When rubber was first introduced to Beyblade with Judgement Joker, it turned out to be a powerhouse attack material, however, Vanish proves that it can also be used as shock absorption to build a tanky defensive Bey. 


With the three subdued blades, specially designed edges, and shock absorption gaps, this left spin bey excels at spin stealing and winning with a stamina finish or getting a draw. On your 5G or 3G team, you can strategically place this in your lineup as a way to keep your opponent off-guard and counter right spin attack-types and stamina-types.


Choosing Your Core


Initially, there weren't any other left cores to choose from, but now there are more choices. Your decision will come down to your style preference, since having a heavier core is not necessary for this combo. The Longinus core can be used for extra defensive weight, but it might also slow down your combo and decrease your stamina. The Bahamut core is a good choice if you want to run a metal or non-dash driver, but since the Vanish layer absorbs most of the impact from the enemy Bey, it's nearly impossible to burst a Vanish combo. So as long as your combo isn't getting bursted, you can stick with the Fafnir core if you like its look, or use Helios. You can also use a dual-spin core and keep it in left-spin mode, but make sure you're not taking away from the other combos in your 5G or 3G team.


Choosing Your Armor


Vanish performs best with middle weight and balanced armors like 4 and 6, but since Vanish has an odd number of blades and gaps, you can also achieve a balanced layer with armor 3 or 9. You'll need to decide based on the armors you'll be using on your entire 5G or 3G team.


Choosing Your Forge Disc


Thanks to the versatility of the Vanish blade, you can use a wide variety of forge discs. The best options will be middleweight discs like giga, legacy, spread' or nexus with your choice of gear. A nice secret tip is using a forge disc like fortress, illegal, or moon, since these discs have air vents that can help create better aerodynamics with the three open shock absorption points of the Vanish blade.


Choosing Your Driver


Being left spin steal, Vanish can also use a wide variety of performance tips effectively. You'll definitely want to use a stamina-type driver that works great in opposite spin matchups. Depending on your team, your Vanish combo can equip Bearing, Bearing', Mobius, or the most popular choice- Drift.



The Best DB/BU B-185 Vanish Fafnir Meta Combo


In conclusion, when building this combo, you'll make you decisions based on how you want to arrange your entire set of Beys for the battle. Remember, when putting together a 5G or 3G set, there can be no repeated parts whatsoever. 


Building the best Vanish Fafnir requires patience, experimentation, and matchup knowledge. Vanish does struggle when going up against other left spin combos, especially attack-types, so you'll need to practice your launch method to either dodge those Beys or try and outpower them via stamina. The final tech you'll need to be aware of is the height of your Vanish combos. If you think your opponent will go for high mode, you'll need to use that mode as well. Low mode is more balanced for stamina, defense, and making counter attacks, while High mode is more advantageous for stamina. Adjust your heigh according to your meta.


Try out our recommendations, and practice launching against as many different opposing Beys as possible so you can fine tune your combo. Stay Blading!


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