Best B-205 Combos for Burst Spriggan Dynamite Battle & Burst Ultimate

Best B-205 Combos for Burst Spriggan Dynamite Battle & Burst Ultimate

, by Dee Blader, 4 min reading time

When you're battling your Beys on the Dynamite Battle Standard Stadium, this guide will help you build the best combos for your 5G and 3G teams! Let's GO!

In this fourth part, we'll look at building the best combo with the B-205 Burst Spriggan Blade. Did Takara Tomy even have to update the Astral Blade from earlier in Dynamite Battle? Read on to find out!


B-205 Vanish - Balance Attack Giant!


The Burst Blade


Having the name "Burst" is a big order since this Spriggan is basically named after the entire Beyblade Series! Fortunately, this new Bey packs a punch, although it doesn't have the straight up impact that Judgement Joker did when that Bey hit the GT scene, Burst Spriggan holds true to Shu's strategy to build balanced Beys, but this time with more emphasis on the attack edge, literally.


Taking design cues from all the previous Spriggans before it, this Blade most notably resembles Requiem in shape and style, but uses the best gimmicks that came with Lord and Astral. Astral is a very powerful all-around balance-type, and with each half of that blade using rubber and metal, it did everything well. 


The new Burst blade switches things up by using the metal pieces from Astral and increasing the rubber parts that go around the entire side of the blade. With Astral, the rubber contact points were smaller along the sides and were pronounced on the left-spin side. Burst Spriggan also has the metal and rubber on the same point, further emphasizing the idea that this blade wants to strike hard.


With the increased width and weight of Burst, along with two fully rubberized contact points, this blade can definitely deliver strong attacks. The best way to build your Burst blade is to focus on strong upfront attacks followed by a balanced amount of stamina to go for a final spin win or draw if you don't get a KO or Burst the opponent!


Choosing Your Core


Because this is a dual-spin blade, you'll definitely want to stick to a dual-spin core. There's no point in fixing this blade to either left or right spin when you can change your spin direction before a battle on the WBBA Dynamite Battle Standard Stadium. The stock core is actually perfect and seems to have thicker cogs when compared to other dual-spin cores: Astral Spriggan and Zest Achilles. 


Choosing Your Armor


Interestingly, the included armor 8 is a lightweight armor with even weight distribution. This is great for pure stamina builds, or lightening a heavy stamina/defense/balance/combo, but since we want to give Burst Spriggan an Attack/Balance build, it would be best to use an Armor that shifts weight unevenly between to the rubber sides to give more of an aggressive movement and hard hit. Armor 3, 7, and 9 are good examples of this.


Choosing Your Forge Disc


The Spread forge disc is another great lightweight option with a thin and wide design that benefits stamina and helps against scraping on the DB stadium. But because we want an Attack Balance, there are more choices. Forge discs with heavier weight will help this combo make strong attacks, so choose from Over, Nexus + S Gear, Giga, and if you want a true wild card = AlMight or Shot Driver!


Choosing Your Driver


The included Fusion' seems like an odd choice since it's a driver that doesn't work well with any of the newer DB blades that are heavier. Fusion' seems better for Beys from older series. If you go with a standard forge disc for Burst Spriggan, there are some attack drivers that retain stamina, but Takara Tomy should definitely make more. Some stand out choices include Destroy' or Destroy Metal, Wave', Zone'+Z, and High Extend+. Any of these drivers will pack a punch with plenty of stamina after the fact.



The Best DB/BU B-205 Burst Spriggan Meta Combo


In conclusion, when building this combo, you'll make you decisions based on how you want to arrange your entire set of Beys for the battle. Remember, when putting together a 5G or 3G set, there can be no repeated parts whatsoever. 


Finally, Burst Spriggan can still be built as a stamina and defense type, so you can always swap the blade on to most of your evenly balanced armors, discs, and stamina drivers if you need it to fulfill that role on your team. This is what makes 5G and 3G battles so fun, being able to put together strategic teams based around your favorite themes and combos!


This is a must-have competitive release that you can pick up in the B-205 Burst Ultimate VS Set.


Try out our recommendations, and practice launching against as many different opposing Beys as possible so you can fine tune your combo. Stay Blading!


You can buy all of these parts from us and get the fastest free shipping. You'll also earn Beybucks to use for more Beys! If you haven't already, you can read about why you need the Dynamite Battle Standard Stadium and why should be playing on it!

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