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  • B-00 Yellow Burst Beystadium Standard (Super Z Chozetsu) | Takara Tomy

    Takara Tomy B-00 Yellow Burst Beystadium Standard (Super Z Chozetsu) | Takara Tomy

    PRODUCT SPECS:  This is a brand new 100% genuine Japanese Takara Tomy B-00 Burst Beystadium Standard. This is a rare color release only obtainable in Japan.    Special Note: This stadium is the standard for Beyblade tournaments in USA/CAN within WBO ( It is the most common and up to months ago, it was the only one allowed. You can now also use the DB Dynamite Stadium which comes in different versions such as B-204 DB Stadium, B-190 DB Stadium, and B-183 DB Stadium.   WHAT’S IN THE BOX:  (1) Takara Tomy Yellow BeyStadium with original packaging and clips.   ABOUT BURST STANDARD STADIUM Manufacturer: Takara Tomy Product Code: B-33 / B33 / B-00 / B00 System: Burst System UPC: 4904810847250 Series: Beyblade Burst QuadDrive / Beyblade Burst BU Also known as: BeyStadium / Standard Stadium All of our products are 100% authentic and imported from the most reputable distributor in Japan. Order by 1PM EST and it goes to the post office today!

    $ 1,971.00


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