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  • Sale -8% Beyblade X Bundle: SIDEKICK

    Takara Tomy Beyblade X Bundle: SIDEKICK

    Curate your personalized collection with our exclusive custom bundle, tailored to meet your unique preferences and interests. The SIDEKICK bundle includes: (1) BX-25 Soft Case Storage (1) BX-18 String Launcher (1) BX-11 Launcher Grip (1) BX-09 BeyBattle Pass Important Note: BX-09 BeyBattle Pass has not yet been officially released outside the Japanese market. Consequently, software updates may not function optimally in your country. We advise customers to consider this information to prevent any potential inconvenience or misunderstanding related to the product's release and compatibility with specific software updates. CUSTOMIZE: Combine parts from different Beyblade X releases (sold individually) to create unique battlin' combos! COMPETE: Play against your friends or join in-person tournaments to test to your skills!COLLECT: Snag 'em now! Prices on Beyblade releases ain't gonna stay this low forever, so don't miss out!Product only compatible with Beyblade X releases from Takara Tomy



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